Streamlined Performance Swim Corporate Team Building Programs

Corporate Team Building

Imagine your corporate team building activity involving a company challenge, exercise, game, and workshop that focuses on communication, trust, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, icebreakers, and just pure fun. All based around swimming!

Our Streamlined Performance approach has developed winning programs for many. Part of our success -- and yours -- emerges from the way we customize each program to meet your needs. Consider the following benefits of our corporate team building for companies and employees:

» Reduces Downtime.
» Increases Productivity.
» Reduces Turnover.
» Lowers Implementation Time.
» Saves Health Costs.
» Employees Learn Their Jobs Faster.
» Members Strive for Excellence.
» Employees Gain a Sense of Job Security.
» Departments Work More Constructively.
» Employees Gain a Sense of Ownership.

Corporate Retreats

Our Streamlined Performance corporate retreats can greatly benefit today's companies and employees. Our corporate swim retreat facilitators are experts at designing well-organized, engaging, and transformational swimming corporate retreats. Designing results-based, highly interactive swim-based corporate retreats has been one of Streamlined Performance's most rewarding activities.

Whether your corporate swim retreat is a half day, one day, or multi-day experience, each corporate swimming retreat is custom designed for the key issues and group dynamics of your company and employees. What makes corporate swimming retreats so powerful, however, is the range of proven programs, tools, and methodologies that Streamlined Performance corporate consultant can bring to your business, team, and personal development goals.

During the corporate swim retreat, our Streamlined Performance corporate consultant will help you focus on your critical areas for change and your key content in exciting, interactive ways, building new levels of teamwork, trust, and collaboration on areas that really matter:

» Communication.
» Leadership.
» Trust.
» Coaching.
» Problem Solving.
» Decision Making.
» Group Consensus.
» Critical Thinking.

Your swimming corporate retreat can accelerate results, real change, and the quality of your interpersonal relationships in powerful ways so that you can return to the workplace renewed and ready, and with well-crafted action plans.

Collaborative Corporate Team Building Planning

Our Streamlined Performance corporate team building facilitation services include expert organization using powerful and proven collaborative planning methodologies energizing large and small groups and making positive change happen. Using these collaborative corporate team building methods, you and your organization can:

» Create a shared future vision desired by everyone, with action plans to get there.
» Solve complex issues and problems in highly participative ways.
» Get people deeply involved in creating their own work design and structure.
» Radically improve key processes and address performance "gaps."
» Develop a strategic plan and key initiatives, and execute them with significant involvement.

Again, join us for fun, laughter, connections, travel, and play! Work together with others who value growth, healthy living, swimming in the environment, and raising your group's collective cooperation.

Email us or call 1-520-977-SWIM to learn more about our services and the results we have created for clients like you with well-designed Streamlined Performance corporate team building and retreats.