Earn Tuition:

If you are interested in attending a Streamlined Performance course and would like to host one in your location, you will receive free tuition. Please contact us for more details.


Our courses function as an introduction to the Streamlined Performance program for not only our newly accepted students, but for our "hosts" as well. As part of our attempt to effectively and efficiently reach out to those who would benefit from our program, we look for "hosts" to organize a weekend course within their community.

In return, the hosting "partner" will get a fee waiver for the entire event. This is an excellent way for a person who is already locally connected with people and area facilities to provide the service and support necessary for us to run a successful event. Your help will be greatly appreciated, and you will be compensated through free tuition.

What will be asked of you:

  • You will need to solicit/advertise/promote in any form you feel comfortable with. (We'll provide the materials.)
  • We will make suggestions and provide you with a list of possible marketing ideas.
  • The minimum number of participants will be provided to you once we agree on your hosting venue location and proposed event dates.
  • You will be asked to provide participants with suggestions on local accommodations. The happier you make your fellow swimmers feel, the easier it will be on you and the more likely it will be that we can work together again.
  • You will help make sure that all clinic participants have paid and signed release forms on opening day.

This all sounds very technical, yet it is actually already "streamlined" for your greatest chance of success, and so that you too can enjoy and benefit from the activities.

Please send us an email describing your idea for your clinic or camp to: partners@StreamlinedPerformance.com