Streamlined Performance is dedicated to helping adults to overcome their fear of the water with swimming lessons directly focused on allowing the adult to finally enjoy water. It is such an important part of life. Whether you are at the beach or next to a swimming pool, you should feel safe and secure, and be able to get in the water and enjoy it like everyone else. Let's start now!

Teaching adults swimming lessons to over come a lifelong fear of the water does require as much focus on comfort and the building of the confidence gradual, as much as it does skills in swimming development. Many people actually fear the water because of the way it can be powerful yet dangerous. The unreasonable fear of water is called an "aquaphobia" and the degree of phobia varies from one person to the next. In cases that it is aggressive, aquaphobia may actually interfere with a person's regular life style. For example, an adult with the "fear of water" may have lived a life of trying to avoid all activities close to water such as swimming lessons, boating trips, even driving near bridges over water, or even in the most extreme cases they will avoid taking a bath when the fear is well in command of their life.

While these common fears come on in a conscious level, some aquaphobic individuals may not even be away of the fear itself. They just tend to avoid the events that might be remotely around water, and most of the time just come up with excuses to escape dealing with the water with really recognizing the fear of the water. We are here to help you take back your life. It's time that you or someone you know, does not have to avoid important times in their lives. This is supposed to be fun. We love the water, and we want you to have that choice too!