I Am Military Training:

Streamlined Performance Military Training Clinic Summary:

No other single instructor has more experience training military personnel in tactical swimming applications. Since 1994, Jeff Utsch has worked with the Naval Special Warfare community in developing three courses applicable to their specific needs. Jeff has also worked with the United States Coast Guard, Air Force Pararescue Jumpers, and other military personnel. If the water is included in your operational environment, then get the most advanced tactical swim training available.

Included in a Streamlined Performance Military Tactical Swimmer Course:

  • Fundamentals of efficient swimming.
  • Baseline testing and videotaping.
  • Learning from freestyle.
  • New combat sidestroke.
  • Alternative strokes.
  • Open water swimming.
  • Swimming with gear.
  • Fin selection.
  • Underwater swimming.
  • Learning process.
  • Optimizing efficiency.
  • Individual goals.
  • Creating practices.

Advanced Tactical Swimmer Course

  • Learning accelerators.
  • Energy system practices.
  • Best use of time.
  • Risk vs. reward.
  • Swim level testing.
  • Much more.

Instructor Course

  • Training the trainer.
  • What to look for.
  • Teaching others and triage list (most important first).
  • Creating your own program.
  • Running your own course.

Pre-Camp Checklist (recommended):

  • Boots.
  • Surface fins.
  • Full set of cammies (tops and bottoms).
  • Goggles and a spare.
  • Swim suit and a spare.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Zoomers or other short training fin.
  • Water bottle.
  • Towels.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Shoes to swim in.
  • Pen and paper.

"As the head Navy SEAL swim and water skills instructor at BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL training), I sought out the best swimming instruction I could find to better my own presentation. Jeff Utsch, having already served several years as the head swim coach for the SEAL Teams, seemed like a logical step in finding the top caliber swimming instruction I felt I needed. Thankfully after three days of swimming and many weeks of advisory phone calls, Jeff prepared me for my most successful three years of my career as a Navy SEAL.

Jeff Utsch is absolutely devoted to the success of his clients. He brings an invincible determination with ensuring his clients success, not only physically, but can offer guidance on daily life. Jeff is the consummate professional with a history of amazing swimming experience and achievement. These accomplishments, I know have fueled his resilience and dedication to excellence.

Jeff understands the obstacles life can bring. He is well organized, alert, and brings an energetic mind to his training. I strongly suggest to anyone going into the military or have a need for tactical swimming knowledge to contact Jeff. You will be brought to an entirely different level of water competency."

Dan Bayer
Navy SEAL Swim Instructor 2005-2008