I Am Triathlon Training:


"Plan well, train well, swim well, and finally race well. Jeff has the experience and ability to maximize your potential when it comes to the water."

Jimmy Riccitello
Two-Time Winner of the St. Croix International Triathlon
Xterra World Champion
8:53 at Ironman Hawaii

Streamlined Performance Triathlon Clinic Summary:

Triathletes need to be competitive and competent in three areas. We claim no experience or competency in two of those three areas. We can, however, help you use your water training time to your greatest individual advantage. Whatever your individual situation may be, we can help customize a program for you so that you are swimming faster and easier, while spending less time training in the pool. Courses are offered from the basic technique level through advanced training.

You can expect to learn in a Streamlined Performance Triathlon Clinic:

Basic Course

  • Fundamentals of the freestyle stroke.
  • Building blocks to the perfect stroke.
  • Efficiency secrets.
  • Adding power to the stroke.
  • Individual video analysis.
  • Learning accelerators.
  • Swimming faster and easier.
  • Creating a seasonal plan.
  • Creating practices.
  • Energy systems/cycle training.
  • Role of rest.
  • How to make it happen within your timeframe (customizing).
  • Much more.

Advanced Course

  • Stroke analysis.
  • Individual planning.
  • Energy system training.
  • Specific training.
  • Advanced drilling.
  • Level 3 swimmer.
  • Swimming fast with limited training time.
  • Open water.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1

  • Pool Session - Efficiency testing, video taping, establishing baseline.
  • Classroom - Fundamentals of freestyle, building blocks of the stroke.
  • Pool Session - Building the stroke.
  • Classroom - The learning process.
  • Pool Session - Efficient freestyle and individual triage.

Day 2

  • Classroom - History of training, training theory.
  • Pool Session - Learning accelerators.
  • Classroom - Energy systems, cycle training, specific training, seasonal plan, creating practices.
  • Pool Session - Energy system practice, sample practice.
  • Classroom - Individual goals, Q & A.
  • Pool Session - Test efficiency, re-video, individual feedback.

Pre-Camp Checklist (recommended):

  • Goggles and a spare.
  • Swim suit and a spare.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Zoomers or other short training fin.
  • Water bottle.
  • Towels.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Shoes to swim in.
  • Pen and paper.

"I signed up for a sprint triathlon and quickly learned I really had no idea what to do to make it farther than one length of the pool. I started with swim lessons at the Y, where I learned bilateral breathing and started overcoming some of my discomfort in the water. But my form was not good, and I had to fix it. Jeff got me going down the path of proper body positioning. He patiently assessed where I was and gave me the keys to horizontal balance. With his encouragement, I continued to chip away, developing my muscle memory and breathing skills. I couldn't have done it without him. I now swim a continuous 30 minutes at least twice a week."

Amanda Kaufmann