I Am Fitness Swimming:

"I was told by one of my swimming friends that at age 37 'I was too old to learn to swim butterfly.' One year later, under the guidance of Jeff, I not only went 1:02 for the 100-yard butterfly, but my freestyle times also dramatically improved. More important than my times, however, was the significant improvement in my understanding of the different aspects of swimming -- from technique, to training, to racing -- that was imparted by Jeff. This solid foundation is helping me to continue improving my swimming ability. Jeff not only knows swimming 'inside out' he also knows how to convey his extensive knowledge and experience to others in an efficient manner."

Stuart Jefferies
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
University of Hawaii

Streamlined Performance Fitness Swimming Clinic Summary:

Just learning to swim? Do you want to accelerate your journey to excellence or just get better? Streamlined Performance has the tools to take you to the next level. Even if you have no competitive goals or ambitions, being more confident and competent in the water is critical to making your time in the water more enjoyable.

You can expect to learn in a Streamlined Performance Fitness Swimming Clinic:

Basic Course

  • Fundamentals of the stroke.
  • Efficient swimming.
  • Making it fun.
  • Video analysis.
  • Individual planning.
  • Mixing it up and expanding your horizons.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1

  • Pool Session - Efficiency testing, video taping, establishing baseline.
  • Classroom - Fundamentals of freestyle, building blocks of the stroke.
  • Pool Session - Building the stroke.
  • Classroom - The learning process.
  • Pool Session - Efficient freestyle and individual triage.

Day 2

  • Classroom - History of training, training theory.
  • Pool Session - Learning accelerators.
  • Classroom - Energy systems, cycle training, specific training, seasonal plan, creating practices.
  • Pool Session - Energy system practice, sample practice.
  • Classroom - Individual goals, Q & A.
  • Pool Session - Test efficiency, re-video, individual feedback.

Pre-Camp Checklist (recommended):

  • Goggles and a spare.
  • Swim suit and a spare.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Zoomers or other short training fin.
  • Water bottle.
  • Towels.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Shoes to swim in.
  • Pen and paper.

"I am a fitness swimmer and Jeff has been my coach for more than ten years. This year (50) is my hump year. As I move into my fastest times, Jeff has taught me how to enhance my training regimen and technique to become more efficient and elegant in the water. I am swimming faster now than I did in high school. Thanks, Jeff."

Joe Grutzik
Fitness Swimmer