I Am Masters Swimming:


"Jeff Utsch's system for teaching swimming simply works. I've seen it make poor swimmers good and good swimmers great. Jeff's instructional style is relaxed but he knows how to push the right buttons to get the most out of his students. Following my work with Jeff, I've consistently been ranked in the US Masters Swimming National Top 10. Jeff has made a huge difference in my performance."


Barry Roth
Top 10 Nationally Ranked Masters Swimmer

Streamlined Performance Masters Swimming Clinic Summary:

Whether you are interested in technique, training strategies, or getting the most out of your pool time, Streamlined Performance is the place to come reach your swimming potential. If you are interested in requesting more information on hosting a weekend seminar, please contact us at your convenience.

You can expect to learn in a Streamlined Performance Masters Swimming Clinic:

Basic Course

  • Stroke technique.
  • Training programs.
  • Energy systems.
  • Making the most of your time.
  • Specificity of training.
  • Sample practices.
  • Video analysis.
  • Much more.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1

  • Pool Session - Efficiency testing, video taping, establishing baseline.
  • Classroom - Fundamentals of freestyle, building blocks of the stroke.
  • Pool Session - Building the stroke.
  • Classroom - The learning process.
  • Pool Session - Efficient freestyle and individual triage.

Day 2

  • Classroom - History of training, training theory.
  • Pool Session - Learning accelerators.
  • Classroom - Energy systems, cycle training, specific training, seasonal plan, creating practices.
  • Pool Session - Energy system practice, sample practice.
  • Classroom - Individual goals, Q & A.
  • Pool Session - Test efficiency, re-video, individual feedback.

Pre-Camp Checklist (recommended):

  • Goggles and a spare.
  • Swim suit and a spare.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Zoomers or other short training fin.
  • Water bottle.
  • Towels.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Shoes to swim in.
  • Pen and paper.

"Jeff Utsch has been an inspiration as a swimmer and a huge asset for the large masters swim team I coach at The University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. He's been a hard working, elite level swimmer for the past 20 years and has become a great swimming technician and teacher over that same period of time. His experience as an athlete, Personal Trainer, and Navy Seals Swim Instructor make him uniquely qualified in the world of swimming. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to improve their swim technique in the pool and open water."

Jim Stites
Ford Aquatics Masters Head Coach
Hillenbrand Aquatic Center
University of Arizona