I Am A Swim Coach:

"As a former University of Arizona team captain, Jeff's longevity in our sport as both swimmer and coach gives him a tremendous amount of experience and credibility."

Frank Busch
Two-Time NCAA National Champions
Six-Time NCAA Coach of the Year
American Swim Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee
Two-Time USA Olympic Swimming Team Coach

Streamlined Performance Swim Coach Clinic Summary:

No practicing attorney ever represents himself in a court of law. Along these same lines, there are times when a swim coach needs another professional to bounce things off of and get feedback. From a beginner coach who needs help structuring a season or possibly learning to teach the fundamentals, to seasoned coaches who want another opinion or an "outside look" at their program, Streamlined Performance has the tools to assist you in a nonthreatening and helpful way. We don't claim to know it all, but we feel that many coaches can benefit from our experience and our Teach, Train, and Test philosophy.

You can expect to learn in a Streamlined Performance Swim Coach Clinic:

Basic Course

  • Fundamentals of the strokes.
  • Role of yardage.
  • Cycle training.
  • Energy systems.
  • What works.
  • Experimenting and trial and error.
  • Role of rest.
  • Influence of age.
  • Age group vs. mature athletes.
  • Triathlete training.
  • Training the individual.
  • Training a team.
  • Art or science?
  • Teach, Train, Test.
  • Racing.
  • Balance.
  • Planning a season.
  • Common mistakes.
  • Making the most of your practices.