I Am A Swim Team:

"I know many great swimmers, however, I send my friends and family to Jeff Utsch in order to learn how to swim. There is no one that I know of who can teach anyone -- from a first-time swimmer to a nationally ranked competitor -- how to swim faster and more efficiently. Plus, he not only teaches you how to swim, he teaches you how to coach yourself so that you can go on to become your own best friend when it comes to being in the water. There is no one else out there with the skill-set to teach you everything from top to bottom."

Seth Pepper
Two-Time National Champion

Streamlined Performance Swim Team Clinic Summary:

If you have a club team that would like a full seminar focusing on reaching individual potential, then Streamlined Performance is ready to help you take your swimmers to a higher level of performance in and out of the water. Club teams are interested in fast swimming, but members are also want to become the best in all aspects of their lives: setting goals, overcoming disappointments, dealing with successes or failures, the true champion, visualization, focusing energy, preparing for the test, balance in life, defining success, doing your best, character, and much more.

Sometimes it helps to have an "outsider" come in and teach principles we all know and strive to live by. Your athletes will come through this experience rededicated to reaching their potential and doing their best every day in whatever goals they are pursuing in the pool and out. Jeff's experience in teaching youth, through swim seminars, as a swim coach, at the Pima County Juvenile Detention Center, as a youth counselor, through the Boy Scouts of America, as a guest speaker and presenter to grade schools in southern Arizona, and as a teacher of history -- can help your team members achieve their potential -- and that is what it is all about: BEING OUR BEST!

You can expect to learn in a Streamlined Performance Swim Team Clinic:

Basic Course

  • Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you get there?
  • Learning from history/education and why it matters.
  • Decision making.
  • Formulas of success.
  • Defining success.
  • Role of TEAM in individual progress.
  • Role of individual in TEAM progress.
  • Yes, goal setting.
  • Dealing with success and failure.
  • Getting your best out of you.
  • Character: what is it and why it matters.
  • Intelligence and communication.
  • Desire, Effort, Attitude.