Free Online Coaching:

ATTENTION: We are offering one month of free online coaching to all those who register for a minimum of 6 months.

In endurance training and aerobic development, Streamlined Performance is among the best in the world, and that's why the best athletes in the world come to us. Military personnel, ultra-endurance open-water swimmers, Ironman triathlon participants, masters swimmers, and local club coaches and swimmers know that the training programs delivered by Streamlined Performance give them the best chance of reaching their potential.

There are 3 levels of designation within the Streamlined Performance Online Coaching programs, and clients choose their levels based on experience, expertise, accomplishments, and education. The coaching program you select determines the level of coach you will receive.



Jeff Utsch really knows how to coach "one on one." When you sign up for the Red Package you get:

» A weekend face to face with Jeff, for discovering your goals and structure preferences along with starting the hands-on instruction process.
» Followed by 6 months of custom-tailored online coaching to keep you at your optimal performance.
»This group sets the standard of coaching excellence. Available only at the Red Package level.



White Package coaching is a Streamlined Performance topline service designed for individuals who demand full attention:

» Hand-built training schedule from our coaching staff. Analysis of schedule and power and/or heart-rate files. Member-initiated coaching communication.
» One 6-month season commitment from you. Optimal for anyone, in any sport or profession.



Whether you're looking to improve your competitive performance or want to move toward your fitness goals, the Blue Package provides the time and expertise you need at an affordable level:

» Advanced automated online coaching with a review, ensuring you're staying on track.
» Learn techniques and strategies for optimal performance.

Integrating technology services such as the uploaded video instruction, email, and phone support, we can provide you with the most up-to-date training resources to make the most out of your time in and out of the pool. Our intention is to provide you with enough guidance so that you are able to literally train yourself, if you so desire.


We will take you through the everyday workout planning and even make suggestions on diet and extracurricular ideas of maximizing your energy level.

This is an exciting time in history, where your coach can be virtual and your training literally anywhere and anytime you like. Let's get started today.

Contact us to find out if this virtual training program is for you: or
(520) 977-SWIM