Jeff Utsch has been working with the US Navy SEAL Teams as a Tactical Swimming Instructor for since 1995. During this time he has worked with thousands of Navy personnel in teaching proper techniques and best practice training methods to optimize benefits from time spent in the water. He also has tested the results of this training over a long period of time to demonstrate efficiency, energy system and performance enhancement. Jeff uses this same program in his own training with success. Making the best use of time spent in the water and using water time to benefit one’s overall fitness and health out of the water is paramount.
— Seth Pepper, National Champion Swimmer / Hall of Fame Inductee

Jeff shares his experience being the Navy SEALs swimming instructor for over 22 years. Beyond the military, Jeffrey Utsch enjoys his deep involvement with training professional triathletes to casual swimmers: "I have had years in training people from all over. Pro athletes are one of my strongest training areas. I know how to teach them to train properly with limited time and experience to get ready for their open water or pool distance swims in a way that they are saving their legs and swimming fast!"


Streamlined Performance is dedicated to instructing swimmers to "Own Your Environment" - if that environment happens to be the open water or the swimming pool. We offer customized courses based on your individual or organization's needs. Our courses focus on water technique, efficiency, training and self-coaching. Spend each minute of your precious training time wisely so you get the most out of each and every practice.


Prime Swimming Honors

  • National Age Group Record Holder

  • US National Team Member

  • Selected for World University Games

  • NCAA All-American

  • University of Arizona Swim Team Captain

  • Pac-10 Champion

  • World Championship Trials Finalist

  • Olympic Trials Qualifier 1984, 1988, 1992

Continued Accomplishments

  • Masters Fastest Time in the World

  • Open Water Marathon Swimmer (most recent swim 36 miles down Red River in North Dakota, Summer 2016)

  • Overall Winner Alcatraz “Sharkfest”

  • Coach, consulting and training to Professional Triathletes, dry land athletes and swimmers of all levels

  • Using "Alternative Weightless Training" to achieve huge benefits with military & dry based athletes

Family and Beyond

  • Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1991

  • Father of Four and Grandfather of One

  • Founder “Heirs of the Republic” 501(c)3 Civics Education Non-Profit

  • Ambassador Navy SEAL Foundation

  • History & Leadership Instructor at The Leadership & Freedom Center at Gettysburg PA