Swim Faster Facts:

If I'm in great shape for biking and running, why do I get so fatigued when I swim?
Answer: There can be multiple reasons, but the most common is that swimming is not just a physical sport -- it is a technical sport. Without the proper form, fatigue will set in quickly even with great conditioning.

Why do my legs drag on the bottom of the pool?
Answer: Proper head position and use of leverage in the buoyant area of your body (chest) will dramatically help your legs rise higher in the water. Most of the time, improper head position and no use of leverage in the chest area will automatically sink the legs.

Should I wear a wetsuit when swimming an open water race?
Answer: If the water is cold enough that you don't overheat, then a wetsuit is always recommended (if allowed) because you will swim faster with less effort. Your efficiency gains will depend on how good of a swimmer you are to begin with. The less efficient you are without a wetsuit, the more gains you will have when you put one on.

What should I be thinking about when I am swimming?
Answer: Body position in the water is the most important item on the checklist of what to think about. Until you have this mastered, most of your time should be spent on this one thing.